Brett Huneycutt’s studies and experience have focused on development in Latin America. With a Fulbright grant, he conducted econometric research and in-depth interviews about migration and the informal economy in El Salvador. He has organized seminars on the U.S.-Mexico border, an immersion experience to a Zapatista refugee camp in Chiapas, and dental clinics in two rural Salvadoran villages. Brett graduated first in his class from Boston College with a B.A. in Economics, and then completed an M.Phil. in Economics at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He now works at McKinsey & Company in New York City. He ultimately hopes to pursue a career related to economic development, through business and economic policymaking.

Victoria Criado graduated from Boston College in 2003 with a BA in Political Science. As an undergraduate, Victoria led two immersion trips to Tijuana, Mexico, focusing on immigration and border issues. During the summer of 2002, Victoria received a scholarship for a 3-month internship at the Business Council for the United Nations. She is currently an Associate within the Risk & Capital Management Division of Deutsche Bank on Wall Street covering Emerging Markets-Latin America. She speaks Spanish + English fluently. On good days she can get by with French, and on even better days she can navigate through basic Japanese. Victoria enjoys running, reading books by dead poets & existentialist philosophers, writing prose, and watching the circus that is US media. She also has the strange habit of collecting odd-looking, and somewhat deformed, stuffed animals–she is afraid no one else will buy them if she doesn’t. Like most people her age, she wonders what ‘life fulfillment’ means and thinks ‘bios’ are pretty square. She hopes to get her Master’s or possibly PhD before she turns 35.

Rudy Adler is an artist/writer currently living in Brookyn, NY. His current source of inspiration comes from an enormous orange cat in the backyard behind his apartment where he sleeps in the living room. He has a website.

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