Camera Package

After a few months of trial and error, we found the right way to distribute – and collect – the disposable cameras from both groups. Below, we diagram the “anatomy” of our camera package.



Pre-addressed 4″ x 8″ envelope with $1.60 in U.S. postage. Collected at a post-office box in Arizona.


Disposable Camera

With flash, 27 pictures, and 400 ISO film.


Gift Cards

We wanted to thank the migrants and give them an incentive to participate, and also allow them to remain anonymous. We gave them gift cards that had $0 balance from Walmart. When migrants returned their cameras to us, we added donations to their cards. Minutemen received Shell gas cards when they returned their cameras.

index card

Index Card

Description of the project, basic photography instructions, and an optional space for personal information (first name, age, #, etc.). Migrants also received images of U.S. mailboxes so they knew where to drop off cameras.

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