We would like to extend our warmest gratitude to the brave men and women, both migrants and Minutemen, who have photographed their lives and created this project.

Thank you to our loving and supportive families: David Adler, Beth Huneycutt, Adriana & Nestor Crant, Teri & Doug Tomblin, Antonio & Elisa Crant, Bill & Jackie Nopar, Tony and Beth Adler, Jacob Adler, Aaron Adler, and Ashley Huneycutt & Andrew McAuslin.

We wish to thank the following friend and institutions for their generous financial contributions: Arizona Commission on the Arts, Shayna Berkowitz, Kim Lund, Stephen Cayer, Tempe Camera, Rick Jones, the New College MCR (Oxford University), Boston College’s Salmanowitz Program, the Jesuit Community of Brophy Prep, Kata Bags, Yesenia Mejia, Gavin Cutler, Katie Johnson, Kara Keating, John & Rita Linehan, Phyllis Wiener, Robert Schiff, Matt Breaux, Sergio Padilla, Jr., Phillip Glover, Melissa Kramer, Nelson O, Janna Rudler, Mia Cohen, Click Caldwell, Alan Thomas Payne, LTA, Katie Staab, Lauren Hammer, Rita Braun, DeMorge Brown, Irene Lerner, Tom Bennett, Stacy Cabanilla, Robert Sukrachand, and Noemy Lopez.

For their invaluable help, a thousand thanks also go to: Sharky & Magdalena, Raymundo & Julieta (CREEDA-Naco), Francisco (CCAMYN-Altar), Ernesto (Casa YMCA-Agua Prieta), the Scalabrini Casas del Migrante (Ciudad Juarez & Laredo), Stacey O’Connell, Chris Simcox, Bob Wright, Al Garza, Tim Donnelly, Darrell Goodwin, Malia Politzer, Siti Cheng & Dave Eschrich, Cristina Estrada, the Border Patrol (Nogales & Tucson), Tommy Bassett, Katie Gigliotti, Michael Nowakowski & Radio Campesina, Lora Villasenor & Shirley Gunther, Creighton University, Daniel Gonzalez, Sara Ines Calderon, Bryan Cox, Elizabeth Kistin, Wieden + Kennedy, Luis Ibarra and Teresa Rosano, Margaret Ford Barber, Jelly Helm, Bekah Sirrine, Robert Kendall, David Myhre, Katharine Andrade, Jeff Moran, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, DiverseWorks, New York University, Diverseworks, Rick Broadhead, Good Magazine, American Apparel, William Howard, Maria Ospina, Craig Charland, Elizabeth Block, Katie Zwolak, Laura Tam, Deborah Aaronson, karlssonwilker inc, Eric Johnson, Arizona Commission on the Arts, Jeff Selis, Kirk Iverson, Will Olbyrs, Patricia Hernandez, and Claudia Perez De Castillo.

Thank you. Without your help, this project would not have been possible.

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