We have created a 20-minute film consisting of interview clips we recorded with migrants and Minutemen. The film seeks to provide viewers a deeper, more personal view of the two groups of photographers – who they are, where they come from, and what motivates them in the face of adversity.
The film was created to play on a loop at events and exhibitions, but here we have divided it into 12-parts here for easy online viewing. Please select a clip using the menu below.

Distributing Cameras

A behind-the-scenes look at distributing cameras to migrants and Minutemen (1:34)

Grand Central Station

A Minuteman gives us a tour of his observation site, and Monica recounts her experience walking across the desert (2:15)

Border Security

Minuteman founder Chris Simcox trains new volunteers in Texas, while a Border Patrol agent deports a mother and child on the Arizona border (1:35)

Misplaced Kindness

Two teenagers tell us why they’ve chosen to migrate, and a Minuteman wonders if economic conditions in Mexico could improve if migrants stayed (1:11)

Stealing Jobs

Jose Manuel speaks about losing his job in Mexico to Central Americans and a Minutewoman tells stories about Americans losing jobs to Mexicans (1:04)

55 mph Speed Limit

Richard describes corruption along the border, and a migrant recounts being assaulted by bandits in the desert (2:04)

Y’all Come!

Connie talks about the hidden dangers of an unsecured border, and a migrant tries to distinguish the good from the bad (0:58)

Night in the Desert

When the sun falls and the weather cools, the Minutemen begin their operation, and migrants set out a long walk in the dark (2:23)

Woman Carrying Babies

A young mother prepare to cross with her three children, while Chris Simcox tells Washington that if women and children can do it, terrorists can too (1:36)

Cheap Labor

Two Minutemen discuss big business’ thirst for cheap labor, and a group of day laborers describe their experiences waiting for work in front of Walmart (1:13)

I Found a Body

Fred finds a body in the desert, and a young migrant recounts his trip to the hospital after a nighttime car accident (1:42)

American Dream

Gary implores volunteers to preserve the American dream, while a deported migrant reflects on his life in the United States (1:23)

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